Music for meditation

Years ago I used to tinker around with writing New Age/Space music. Highly electronic synthesizer music. I’ve not kept up with it over the years, but this weekend I finally digitized a couple of recordings and thought I’d put them online. The titles are a bit pretetious, but I’m not going to change them after this long.

Both of these were written at a time when I was actively practicing meditation each day and they each have a strong visual inspiration. The first, “Tales of the Ancient Mystic” is a scene in some approriately mystical temple high in remote mountains, with an ancient guru sitting alone in a darkened room with a few candles around the edge, while a single beam of sunlight comes down from the ceiling to illuminate him as he receives visitors seeking his wisdom. The second, “Tears of the Daughter of Night” was inspired by a vision of Eris (the ancient Greek goddess of strife, not me) sitting on a crumbling throne in a dank and forgotten crypt, seething with rage and overflowing with tears. Her solitude is necessary, but still a grief to her. Her pain and the pain she causes to others, both equally unavoidable.

As you might guess, I was going through a period of intense depression when I wrote these pieces of music. At the time they filled me with tears, but with the passage of time I can now enjoy them as quiet contemplative music, albeit with dark overtones.

I recommend headphones for listening as they are both fairly quiet and might be difficult to hear at first, but be warned that each one has a loud crescendo near the end.

Tales of the Ancient Mystic

Tears of the Daughter Of Night