A small bit of Brazos Bend State Park

Brazos Bend State Park is one of the busiest locations in the Texas State Park system. For one thing, it is located just a short distance southeast of Houston, and for another it is a large and diverse park with lots to do. Among it’s other qualities the marshes attract lots and lots of wildlife making it a prime spot for bird watchers. When I went there this past Sunday afternoon to do a little photography I encountered people from Germany, Sweden, and Japan who were there to observe the birds, as well of plenty of local people too.

And the birds did not disappoint! I only walked along about one mile on a trail by the edge of 40 Acre Lake and there was so much to see that I often had to choose among several different photographic opportunities. Do I get a picture of that group of ibises, or that alligator, or maybe the egret behind me? Decisions, decisions!

In the end I took more than 300 photos and have now edited them down to the best ones. Enjoy!