Final Thoughts

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Well, I’m back in Crosby.  (It’s a suburb of Houston, for those who don’t know.)  I’ve always thought of it as a compromise, since being on the edge of a rural area it is much less “citified” than Houston itself, but after the state parks of this past week I drove into Crosby and was appalled by how dead it seems.  Even this edge-of-the country landscape is nearly empty of life compared to the pickled wilderness of the parks.  The city itself, of course, is a concrete wasteland, filled with the noise and foul odors of machines and the effluvia of humanity in it’s soul crushing over-abundance.  I simply can’t understand the mindset of anyone who prefers to live in the nastiness of a city.

As I drove in, the heat climbed, the air stagnated, and my perpetual cough – which had subsided during my week in the parks – started coming back.  I was feeling the buildup of phlegm in my throat even before entering Crosby itself.  Joy.  When trying to park and hook up to water and electricity again, I had to take several breaks because of the heat.  There was no breeze, the air smelled bad, and the sounds around me were cars driving down the nearby road.  What a dismal change from just a few hours previous.

My cats, at least, were happy to be back to familiar territory.  One of them went outside almost immediately, though the other two who like to go out took a bit more time to calm down and come out from their drive-time hiding places.

Monday I go back to work.  I hope I can be more productive now, but the return to “normality” is going to be a huge let-down.  I’ve had a taste of joy that is usually denied to me, and now I have to let it go and return to the drudgery of everyday existence combined with the final few steps of moving out of my old house.

The only thing I have to look forward to is RV living itself.  I really enjoyed my trip and I think that I’m going to like living in an RV a lot.  It’s a bit of a change to start thinking about “home” as wherever I park, but that is the reality for me now.

Time to start looking for a nicer place to park than the concrete and smog filled desolation of the city.

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