Terrible RV lessons

When I left work I noticed that there seemed to be a thunderstorm coming in.  A real thunderstorm, not just light rain.  We’ve been having a lot of really hot cloudless days lately, so this was quite a surprise. As I got closer and closer to home it became obvious that the storm was actually passing right over the area where I live and that started getting me worried, because I’d left the RV awning set up to shade one side of the RV to help keep it cooler during the day.  As I started on the final few miles, the wind came up incredibly strong, the rain became so intense that I couldn’t see more than about 40 feet in front of me, and I that the power went out all throughout my town.  I feared what I was going to find when I got home.

Sure enough, the wind had ripped the awning support arms off of the side of the RV and the awning was draped over the roof.

Well, at least the wind had died down by then, so I climbed on the roof and got the awning down.  The fabric and the roller are OK at least, but parts of the support arms are broken and the arm mounting hardware needs to be replaced.


Since the power was still out I switched over to generator power – that at least worked, though it was frustrating because the power cord wouldn’t come unplugged from the external source at first.  Once I pried it loose I saw that the prongs were corroded, so I sandpapered them as clean as I could before plugging in to the generator.

By this time I was in tears from frustration and fear and anger at myself.  I had read that awning damage like this was possible, but I assumed that I would know in advance when bad weather was coming.  This freak storm took me completely by surprise.  From perusing online parts suppliers it looks like it will take about $500 to fix, which is money I don’t have and won’t have any time soon.  Making things worse, I need to move within the next couple of weeks, but the awning is no longer secureable to the side, so it’s not safe to drive because the awning could suddenly fall off while I’m driving down the road.  I have no idea how I’ll deal with this.

Adding insult to injury, the carbon monoxide alarm went off while I was trying to meditate before bed!  I can only assume that it was set off by the candle and incense I was burning, but I really don’t know.  Could it be the generator?  I’ve run the generator a lot more than I’ve burned incense, so unless the generator suddenly developed a problem I can’t see it being the cause.  In any event, the alarm had a very painful and fear inducing sound (I am extremely sensitive to loud and piercing noises – they terrify me) and the alarm had no way to turn it off!  Eventually I paniced and started smashing it with a Mag flashlight since I couldn’t figure out how to open the cover.  That didn’t reveal any switches, so I gave up and used some wire cutters to cut the power to the thing!

Silence and peace returned.

I’ll have to get a new carbon monoxide alarm, but I can get one that is battery operated and that has an on/off switch.


This has been a really rotten day.  Something happened at work that sent me into a minor depressive mood, my RV was damaged by a storm, and then I had a pain device screaming in my ear while I was trying to relax before bed.  Ugh.