Balmora Apartment

The Elder Scrolls III
Balmora Apartment v1.2

By Eris Caffee (Moriel) <>
Official Site:

Download: Moriel_Balmora_Apartment_1_2



What it does?

This adds a small apartment above Caius Cosades’ place in Balmora which you can rent on a monthly basis. To get started, read the notice on the door.The apartment features:

  • Good storage. There are only regular containers, but unlike the containers in most in game locations, these will not mark your items as stolen.
  • Realistic lighting. I prefer realistic lighting, so the interior is intentionally fairly dim, lit only by a flickering chandelier. To lighten things up, you can add candles and lanterns that you find or purchase.
  • Reasonable rent. At 150 septims per month, it’s cheaper than staying at an inn by far. (You might even get a discount as a professional courtesy, depending on your faction memberships.)
  • A small working oven if you have Necessities of Morrowind installed.
  • Rats.  It is, after all in a rather run down part of town and you live upstairs from a skooma adict.  Every now and then, you’ll have a rat show up in your apartment, but this is not necessarily a bad thing.  I mean, you could just kill the rats, of course, but an animal lover should be able to find a happier solution. You could try talking to it, for example. See the SPOILERS file for details if you need help.

Why this mod?

For a long time I used the very similar Apartment mod by Grumpy and was very happy with it. Recently, though, I finally upgraded from my creaky 32 bit Windows XP to 64 bit Windows 7 and was able to take advantage of all my RAM for a  change, so I loaded up a new game with lots of mods, including some big graphics overhauls. Suddenly, the apartment stood out like a sore thumb and looked really out of place: it didn’t use the new textures. It turns out that there is no building in the construction set that was quite the right shape, and Grumpy’s solution involved a custom model with it’s own custom texture that doesn’t get modified by graphics replacers.

At first I thought I could just update Grumpy’s mod for my game, but then I realized that it really lacked a few things that I wanted, and this was the perfect opportunity to make my own mod. So I did, adding the monthly rental requirement,
changing the lighting to be more subdued, adding storage, and making it NOM compatible. I hope the result is pleasing and useful to others.


If you are upgrading from a previous version you should be able to just install the mod normally.  It should not invalidate your saved games.

Recommended procedure:

  • Use Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) to install the mod. This will give you the Necessities of Morrowind (NOM) enabled version.
  • Ensure that NOM (if you are using it) is loaded after this mod. To do this you can use the large green up and down arrows on the left side of the Plugins tab in NMM to either move this mod up or move NOM down.

Manual installation (NOM version):

  • Open up the zip file and copy the contents to your Morrowind installation folder. If prompted to overwrite files, say “yes”.
  • Activate “Moriel_Balmora_Apartment.esp” from the Morrowind Launcher.
  • Ensure that NOM (if you are using it) is loaded after this mod.  I have set the file date on my mod to be from 2003, so you are probably OK.
    If you have to change the file modification date, I recommend using Wrye Mash, which lets you easily change the date of an ESP file among its many other functions useful to managing your game.  You can get it here:

Manual installation (no-NOM version):

  • Open up the zip file and copy just this one file into your Morrowind/Data File folder: Data Files/Extra/Moriel_Balmora_Apartment_no_NOM.esp
  • Activate “Moriel_Balmora_Apartment_no_NOM.esp” from the Morrowind Launcher.


The NOM version (the default) requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon to be installed. It should, however, work fine without NOM installed. (Without NOM you will see the NOM foods, ingredients, and a few special items, but they will only be decorative, not functional).

The no-NOM version requires Tribunal, but not Bloodmoon. This version is slightly different than the default version in that there is no oven inside the apartment.

Compatability & Conflicts

Obviously, this mod conflicts with Grumpy’s Apartment. It will also conflict with anything else that modifies the space above Caius Cosades’ place. The new interior cell is called “Balmora, Apartment For Rent”.


The late Grumpy, of course, gets the credit for the work that inspired me! You can see all of his mods at Emma’s Edler Scrolls Site:

NOM compatibility provided by the excellent work of Taddeus and Nymeria. You can find more information about it at Wrye Musings:

NOM is available for download from Planet Elder Scrolls:

Version History

2013/12/01 Version 1.2 Fixed bad addtopic call in script MorielScBalmoraAptNotice.

2013/11/23 Version 1.1 Added rats in apartment.  Identified to other mods in game by MorielGBalApt = 2

2013/11/02 Version 1.0 First public release.


For questions about this mod, please contact

Mod contents copyright 2013 by Eris Caffee (, except for portions copied by permission from Necessities of Morrowind which are copyrighted by their authors, and except for portions copyrighted by Bethesda Softworks.

Permission is granted to all to freely distribute and use this mod for non-comercial uses only, so long as no changes are made to it and this readme file is included.

This mod is also governed by the terms of the Morrowind End User License Agreement (“EULA”), which supercedes any terms herein that may conflict with the EULA.The Elder Scrolls, Morrowind, etc. are properties of Bethesda Softworks.