How does your garden grow?


Surprise!  I’m making a new post!  Behold my garden!

2016 garden

2016 garden

Yeah, OK, so it’s not exactly your traditional garden, but hey, I live in  a motorhome, so it’s not like I have a real backyard to plant things in.  Initially I wasn’t going to grow much of anything this year because I had thought I would be moving at the end of the July, but my work situation has much improved itself recently (as has my income!) so now I’m going to be sticking around for a while.  Hence, I decided to not only have a garden but also to expand it.

I already had the six pots in the foreground – 3 of the big pots have serrano pepper seedlings in them that I’m growing from the seeds of the last peppers off of last years plants.  The small pot has garlic chives, which I mostly just munch on while I’m outside checking the other plants, and up against the wall are a couple of heirloom tomatoes (Red Beefsteak and Mr Stripey) that I picked up after getting the raise last month.

In the back are four plants that I got just yesterday – four different hybrid tomato plants.  I figure with six different varieties of tomato I should get at least a couple of them to produce well even though they are in pots and will have to put up with the nasty Texas summer heat.

That heat is a real killer for potted plants.  In the worst of it in late July and early August I have to drench every pot in the morning when I go to work and still the plants are drooping when I come home in the evening, so I have to water them again then.  As long as stormy weather isn’t threatening I try to keep my RV awning pulled down to keep the plants shaded in the middle of the day when the heat is the worst.