My eyepieces

Telescope eyepieces

These are all of my eyepieces.

Back row: Televue Panoptic 41mm, Televue Nagler 22mm, Televue Delos 12mm, Televue Nagler 9mm

Middle row: Celestron Plössl 32mm, Orion Expanse 15mm, Celestron Plössl 12.5mm, Orion Expanse 6mm

Bottom row. Meade MA 40mm, Meade MA 25mm, Meade MA 12mm

The TeleVue 41mm and 22mm have 2″ barrels. The Meade MA’s hae .965″ barrels, and the rest are 1.25″.

The TeleVue’s are the newest of the bunch – two of them have yet to see first light, even. I bought them to go with my new LX-2000 scope. The Meade MA’s are the curiosities of the group. Most .965″ barrel eyepeices were made very poorly to sell with the cheapest telescopes, but this series from Meade was made to a much higher quality standard. The 40mm in particular gives outstanding views, but alas, I haven’t had a need to use them in years. I hang on to them out of sentimentality.