Interview Questions: Detecting Palindromes

This problem is almost too simple to mention, but it has actually been asked of me in an interview, so I’ll go ahead and address it. Problem: detect if a given string is a palindrome. Be sure to ignore case, spaces, and punctuation characters. Solution: Start by setting references to the first and last characters. …

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Interview Questions: Two Sum

In interviews for programming positions, it is common for the interviewer to present a small programming problem and see what kind of solution the candidate comes up with. These problems help to reveal how the candidate thinks about solving problems, and also provide a chance to show basic coding competency. These problems can also be …

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RIP Dennis Ritchie

It’s now being reported that Dennis Ritchie has died. All programmers owe him a great debt of gratitude. He invented C and helped create Unix, and thus in many ways is one of the fathers of modern computing. #include <stdio.h> "goodbye, world"); }   So long, Dennis! We’ll miss you!.


Fracter – A Mandelbrot Set Viewer and SDL Demonstration Program Last month, on October 14, 2010, one of the great mathematicians of our age died. BenoĆ®t Mandelbrot was called the father of fractal geometry, and indeed, he coined the term “fractal” and his seminal book The Fractal Geometry of Nature changed forever the way mathmeticians …

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