Vanduul Veronica

A collection of posts by “Vanduul Veronica” on the Star Citizen forums. Here are links to the “official” Voice of the Vanduul posts. Vanduul Glaive release Anti-OPPF propaganda Vanduul head in Cubby Blast Attack on Vega system Admiral Bishop’s speech to the Senate Shank’s first contact with the Vanduul UEE Senate debates declaration of war …

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This is a work-up of the religion inspired by Sora Yamauchi.  It is not official, of course, but I wanted to create this as background material for other stories. UEE ADVOCACY INTELLIGENCE BACKGROUND REPORT PUBLICATION: UNCLASSIFIED, LEO ONLY TITLE: CULTS IN THE EMPIRE: ENRO SUMMARY Name: Enro (遠路 Japanese: “Long Road”) Founder: Benjamin Meitner (Terra) Planet …

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A Thought On Storytelling

The hero of any story can defy danger – but only a special hero can defy stories themselves. And wouldn’t that make a cool story anyway? Elan from The Order of the Stick page 991 by Rich Burlew That is a brilliant sentiment that I must keep in mind!

Balmora Apartment

The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind: Balmora Apartment v1.2 By Eris Caffee (Moriel) <> Official Site: Download: Moriel_Balmora_Apartment_1_2 Screenshots       What it does? This adds a small apartment above Caius Cosades’ place in Balmora which you can rent on a monthly basis. To get started, read the notice on the door.The apartment features: Good storage. …

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This weekend I played Trauma. It’s an interesting game, but I’m not sure how I feel about it. It left me with a sense of futility and lack of accomplishment. I think that might actually be the point, really. The game is a series of dreams being had by a young woman who is in …

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I’ve been way too busy lately to work on my coding projects or post anything (I’ve got the first RHCE test coming up soon) but I just had to post the following: I WANT THIS! I’ve been a fan of Bethesda’s games for a while now. Morrowind is still my favorite, but all their games …

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