Another descent photo!

The Mars Reconnaisance Orbiter captured a photo of the MSL as it descended via it’s parachute. Check this out and be sure to click the image for the bigger size! You can get the original full resolution images at the HiRISE website.

6 months?

Wow! Has it really been six months since my last post? I really am not a very good blogger am I? Well, to be honest, I got sucked in by games. First Skyrim, then Mass Effect, then Mass Effect 2, and finally Mass Effect 3. They were all excellent (except for the last few minute …

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RIP Dennis Ritchie

It’s now being reported that Dennis Ritchie has died. All programmers owe him a great debt of gratitude. He invented C and helped create Unix, and thus in many ways is one of the fathers of modern computing. #include <stdio.h> "goodbye, world"); }   So long, Dennis! We’ll miss you!.