This isn’t in any way related to programming, but I enjoy photography, especially wildlife and nature photography. I tried pursuing this as a career for a time, but eventually came back to photography. Many of these photos were shot on film (Fuji Velvia 100 most often) but for the past year and half I’ve been using a Canon 50D.

Wildlife and Nature Photos – Animals and the Earth.

Olympic National Park – Rain forests, high mountains, and remotes beaches.

Texas State Parks – Photos from the Lone Star State.

Roadkill Photos – Dead animals. You may find some of them disturbing. I normally avoid gore, but sometimes include a bit of it if it seems appropriate.

Ships and Planes – Historic ships and planes from museums.

Miscellaneous Photos – Random things.

Warriors, Tombs, & Temples – Ancient Chinese artifacts on display.

My Pets – I have cats.

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