Tools of the Trade

This is a collection of links to the websites of various programs and libraries that are useful in game development. Any tool or library I use will be linked here for easy reference.

CMake is tool for automating the process of configuring and building software.
Code::Blocks is a popular integrated development environment.
Cygwin is a powerful set of utilities that provide a full Linux style command line development environment on Windows. Despite the rise of WSL as an alternative I stil prefer Cygwin when I’m working on Windows.
Emacs is a powerful, programmable text editor with excellent support for software development.
The GNU Compiler Collection is a powerful and widely used suite of compilers available on most computing platforms.
Git is the most popular source code management system in use today.
Mercurial is an easy to use yet powerful source code management system.
MinGW is a Windows port of the Gnu Compiler Collection.
A powerful cross-platform 3D graphics API and shader language.
SDL, the Simple Directmedia Library, is a library for handling GUI events, user input, graphics, and sound in games.
SDL 1.2 Documentation
SDL 1.3 Documentation
Visual Studio Code
Though I strongly advocate for the use of free and open source software, I have to say that Microsoft has made me a convert to VS Code for editing software. It is powerful, extensible, and is simply a pleasure to use.

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